Personalised Illustrated ‘Always By Your Side’ Portrait

Personalised Illustrated ‘Always By Your Side’ Portrait

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Personalised Illustrated ‘Always By Your Side’ Pet Portrait

A bespoke landscape print featuring you & your pet, side by side. This is a special gift for any occasion or even a treat for yourself to treasure forever. Hand-drawn, and then printed digitally.

This illustration is all about those memorable details that make you who you are, as an inseparable duo. Whether it’s those snazzy pair of socks you got given for a birthday, or the wellies which have seen you through years of Glastonbury.. we will illustrate your lower half, with your partner in crime by your side. Does your pet have their own dream or favourite outfit? Let us know and we will illustrate them wearing it!

Your outfit is completely customisable (whether you live in converse and jeans or a polka dot skirt with vans..) describe your outfit, or send a photo, and we will get to work illustrating all the tiny details.

Wording includes name of human and pet, with the year this friendship began. E.g Gemma & Ivy, Est 2018.

Once ordered we will follow up over email to request photographs of your pet(s) and a description or photographs of your desired outfit.

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